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50+ Beautiful and simple rangoli designs for any celebration

50+ Beautiful and simple rangoli designs for every celebration Rangoli designs are one of the most popular arts in India. It is used by indians from the long history of time. Generally, all peoples in the country celebrates their festivals by making rangolis in their homes.  Around India, it can be pronounced with different names. In Andhra Pradesh, it is called muggulu and in Tamil Nadu, it is kolam and in Rajasthan as Mandana.  In this post We have many simple rangoli designs, latest rangolis and easy designs of rangolis you can make.  The first thing you can do is to practice some easy rangoli designs at your home and then you can also draw the latest rangoli designs at your favorite festivals. To make these all rangolis you will require some important things like chalk to draw basic structures and colors to fill that in of any of your rangoli design to make it colorful and then you need some practice.  In making of rangolis You can also use rice flour as the rangoli