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50+ Dot rangoli designs for the festival celebration like diwali

Dot rangoli designs patterns with dots and colours  In India, there are a lot of festivals in which we all have to decorate our home. To decorate our home the best option is the rangoli designs but generally, these rangoli designs are not so much easy enough for everybody. So for those who want to make some very simple and easy rangoli designs for that one of the parts of Rangoli is dot rangoli designs these are made up of some simple dot patterns. For this first, we put some dots on the floor of our home and then we draw the pattern according to our creativity or bye looking at a design. If you are good enough to make dot Rangoli then it's good and for you, it is easy to make dot rangoli but if you are here to see some very easy to use and easy to make dot rangoli designs then we have some rangoli ideas for you. You can just take a look at these dot rangoli patterns and choose the best one for you and then it will be your design. To make a dot rangoli design there are

50+ Border rangoli designs for doors and walls at home

Border rangoli designs for doors and walls at home Rangoli designs are one of the best parts of Indian culture. We Indians generally makes different types of rangoli designs in our home. Today we are going to see one of the most popular Indian rangoli art called border rangoli designs. Making of Border rangoli designs is a must when an Indian home celebrates a festival like Holi, Diwali, and Sa nkranthi. In India, we start our welcoming our festivals or our guests with home decoration. For the home decoration, the best thing you can do is the drawing of some beautiful border rangoli designs near our doors and walls. To draw a beautiful border rangoli you just need some beautiful colors and some beautiful border rangoli designs to take the idea to draw your rangoli. The best thing about a border rangoli design is this, it gets repeated after it one complete design. You can welcome your guest by making some beautiful door border rangoli designs. I