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Dot rangoli designs patterns with dots and colours 

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In India, there are a lot of festivals in which we all have to decorate our home. To decorate our home the best option is the rangoli designs but generally, these rangoli designs are not so much easy enough for everybody.
So for those who want to make some very simple and easy rangoli designs for that one of the parts of Rangoli is dot rangoli designs these are made up of some simple dot patterns.
For this first, we put some dots on the floor of our home and then we draw the pattern according to our creativity or bye looking at a design.
If you are good enough to make dot Rangoli then it's good and for you, it is easy to make dot rangoli but if you are here to see some very easy to use and easy to make dot rangoli designs then we have some rangoli ideas for you.
You can just take a look at these dot rangoli patterns and choose the best one for you and then it will be your design. To make a dot rangoli design there are only two things required: one is dot Rangoli patterns that you need and another one is the colour.
To make dots you can use any colour or any other white colour or you can also use the flour from your kitchen the best part of the flour is this after removing your dot rangoli designs the ants can eat them and it will be a good signal for Indians peoples.

Simple rangoli designs with dots for beginners

In general, everyone is once a beginner for anything. It may be a work or it may be a job or it may be the making of Rangoli designs.
But for the beginners, we have here some very simple dot rangoli design patterns and you can make them easily by just drawing some lines with your colours.
There are lots of design patterns of dots. Rangoli is like 9*6, 10*10, or 15*15 but we are not going to cover that because we need just simple dot patterns.
You can practice these dot patterns before any event in your home or You can directly make them at a festival or if you are in the festival now and come to this blog to make your dot pattern today then see some ideas below and find your best one.

dot rangoli designs made with flowers
dot rangoli design made with flowers pattern

simple dot rangoli design pattern for celebration
simple dot rangoli design

simple dot rangoli design for practice
pattern simple dot rangoli design

flower dot kolam for the practice
beginner flower dot kolam for the practice

easy to make dot kolam for beginners
easy to make dot kolam for beginner

easy to make dot kolam for beginners design
easy to make dot kolam 
white dot kolam 1
easy to make dot rangoli kolam for beginners

simple dot kolam for anyone 2
shankh simple dot kolam for anyone 

popular simple dot kolam for anyone 3
simple dot kolam for anyone 

easy to make Dot rangoli design kolam
simple Dot kolam design 

simple easy Dot rangoli design
Flat and simple Dot rangoli design

Dot rangoli design for sankranthi
sankranthi special Dot rangoli design

best indian Dot rangoli design
Popular Indian dot kolam 

famous indian dot kolam
Creative Dot rangoli 

easy Dot rangoli design for home
easy and simple Dot rangoli design

large Dot rangoli design for diwali
large Dot rangoli design

easy pattern Dot rangoli design
pattern Dot kolam design

beautiful and simple Dot rangoli design
beautiful but easy Dot rangoli design

Small dot rangoli designs

Some people love small dot rangoli designs and some make them small because they have small space in their home for the drawings and patterns.
If you are looking for small dot rangoli then we have a lot of designs and you can choose any of them and make them at your home. The best part of a small dot rangoli design is that they take very little time to make.
Here, we have both colours and without colours dot rangoli it can be your choice which one will be the best for you.
dots and circular kolam
different looking kolam

simple indo Dot rangoli design
temple Dot rangoli kolam 
small Dot rangoli design for home
small dot kolam 

rectangular small Dot rangoli
7*1 easy and small dot kolam

7*1 small small Dot rangoli design
7*1 small dot rangoli design

festival small Dot rangoli design
festival easy kolam

festival small Dot rangoli design for diwali
good kolam for diwali

pretty and small Dot kolam
pretty and small kolam dot rangoli 

simple and small kolam
easy small kolam 

nice kolam design
small dot rangoli

super easy dot rangoli
super easy dot rangoli

easy and small dot rangoli design
easy and small dot rangoli design image

Rangoli designs with dots for Diwali

In India the most famous festival is Diwali and Diwali has many interesting facts and things in it.
Everyone loves to celebrate Diwali with the cleaning and decorating of their homes, hospitals and their businesses.
And generally, people love to make rangoli designs for Diwali in their homes' office. Mostly girls love to make these dot rangoli or any other rangoli designs it can't matters but some prefer to make dots and some prefer to make others like peacock rangoli designs or some simple rangoli designs.
But here we are going to see some dot rangoli designs for the Indian festival Diwali. Because Diwali is the festival of the lights so it is necessary that your rangoli design will be bright and shining.
 Here we have some designs you can choose any of them and we hope we are going to give you.

corner dot rangoli design for diwali
corner dot rangoli design for Diwali

colourful dot rangoli for diwali
colorful easy dot rangoli for diwali

amazing rangoli with dots for diwali
amazing dot rangoli

simple colours diwali dot rangoli
pink colour dot designs rangoli

corner dot rangoli
corner dot design

flower dot for diwali
flower rangoli dots design

diya rangoli design with dots
diya dots rangoli

bird dot rangoli design for diwali
diwali special bird rangoli with dots

kalash dot rangoli for diwali
kalash dot rangoli

In this post, you have seen lots of dot rangoli designs. These were simple, easy, beautiful, creative, and for the Diwali festival.
Now you can make your own dot rangolis with your own creativity. If you want to download dot rangolis then you can do that too and save them for later in your phone or pc. 
Now let me your comments if you want to say something.
You can also try these border rangoli designs and beautiful flower rangoli designs or peacock rangolis more kolam ideas too.
Sources for images- Mehndirangolidesigns


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