50+ Beautiful and simple Mehandi cone designs for ladies

Cone Mehandi designs for ladies easy to make

Let's know what is cone designs mehndi today? Cone design mehndi is what we can use any emergency time as if we have to go to a wedding immediately, then at the same time, we can keep cone mehndi comfortably overnight.
If you wants to know more about cone mehndi designs then go to the last of this post. Let us now see 50+ beautiful and simple cone designs

1. Beautiful lotus cone mehndi
This is one of the best and beautiful cone mehndi design in which you can draw lotus flower patterns. 
 If you are thinking of applying cone design mehndi then you should be careful because there are two types of cone Mehandi designs.
 One which comes out from the leaves and the other is made of chemical, then it is a simple matter that you do not use chemical You will need a lot of precautions even before using others.


2.simple henna pattern
 This floral designs is easy to draw for advanced mehndi artists. It contains flowers and jaalidar patterns.   lotus-cone-design

3. Pretty cone design
 Nowadays it is very easy to apply mehndi but there are some important things related to mehndi, then we should know how to apply mehndi on the parts of the body like hands. The given mehandi cone designs design is pretty and it is perfect for brides.

4. Full hand cone mehndi design
 Nowadays, if women like anything the most, then when it comes to applying mehndi, children also become super lovers. The design above is perfect for them on their small palms. You can make it very happy whenever you want

The floral mehndi design is made with beautiful but straight flowers that do not cover the full hand but are still stylish.In this design, the design you see inside the image is also different flower leaves flowers from small eggs on the net. Is designed

5. Rose and lotus mehndi design
 In this image, the design that you are seeing, you have been given a lot of different designs in that design, like you have to make roses, you will have to give mesh design, you will have to design small leaves.

  And you have to give very beautiful girl designs and small leaves have to be made, this is also a cone design mehndi.

6. Simple henna pattern
 Let's talk about how to make cone wali mehndi at home, how to make cone wali mehndi now at home?

  You must first soak the henna leaves, then grind them, and after grinding, when the mixture becomes a mixture, then prepare the mehndi.

Then you take a thick white polythene and give it the shape of cone and cover it from behind by putting your henna in it, you can easily make cone designs at your home.

7. Flowers henna desigm
To make this type of mehndi with small dot and flower netting design, you have to use cone designs means if you do not have cone mehndi then you can also make it yourself.

Otherwise, it is easily available in the market, but before buying, you should look and buy very well so that it is not a chemical one.

8. Floral cone mehndi
The mehndi design that you see in this image is cone mehndi design which is made from cone

  In this, the henna color you see is also from the cone design, you buy a cone and apply mehndi from it, the color of that is good, only you have to do a little hard work.
To make this pattern you just need to draw floral and leave arts.

8. Bridal cone mehndi
To make this beautiful pattern you are seeing, you have to make designs, you have to make some flowers designs of small leaves and beautiful small big mesh designs.

  Leaving some space in the fingers in the same way, you will have to make similar stuffing design and in the same way different rakhi decorations will also have to be given in it.

9. Cute mehndi design
By the way, it is very beautiful and simple mehndi design because in this design you have been given a very good design which is from Maharashtra.

Such designs are generally made in Maharashtra itself. If you also want to make this design, then it is very easy, in this you will have to make a big flower in the center and decorate it with small leaves. Have to give

10. Rose mehndi pattern
The design you are seeing in this image is made of mehndi cone, to make it, you must have a one.
  Mehandi cone which is of a good company and its color is also good, you should use everything of the company, whether it is mehndi or whatever it is.
To prepare this design you have to prepare the design of the rose flower and also make the leaves.

Flowers henna pattern
To make this kind of backhand mehndi design, you have to use good mehndi, yet your mehndi color will look good and look beautiful and what is your husband's impression of you and wives to impress your husband Do a lot
So this mehndi is the best way to impress them if you want to put in the most beautiful mehndi, then this design is for you and only for you.

12. Lace mehndi design
We like to apply Mehndi, it is also very popular in our country, but along with mehndi, you know one thing that the mehndi that binds our bonds very well.

Like if the bond is with our husband or with our mother-in-law, who is with anyone in our in-laws' house.


13. Peacock cone mehndi design
If you are thinking of making this kind of design then you can make this one
In this, you have been given the design of peacock and small flower design and the design of small leaves and jewelry.


14. Latest cone mehndi design
In this image you are seeing the design, this is a Muslim design, which you can also easily put on your palm.
And this design which is made from cone designer mehndi is very easy to install
  Just looking at you like this, you have to prepare the design like leaves, flowers and distribution points and different kind of design, everyone will have to make it, after making it, the color will give very good.

15. Cone henna design
 You can apply this kind of hand full mehndi that is also very good if you know how to make good design and heavy heavy design.
So you cannot have any trouble in making this design, it has become a favorite practice of applying mehndi on the palms and feet.
 Especially when it happens to be fun festivals weddings or any grand occasion. It is considered to be the biggest practice in India
  It is also called Shagun. When we talk about the festivals of Hinduism, henna plays an important role.
It is politely applied to the palm and its back and even legs. It may take a little while to apply it but the color will be much better and darker.

16. Net mehndi design
 Think about one thing, if you did not have the option of fun design, what would you have done, then what could we have never made such good designs?
Nowadays, we have got so much convenience that we can also prepare mehndi designs at home, for that you have to grind mehndi, just then you can put it in your funnel and put it comfortably.

17. Muslim henna pattern
 This is a Pakistani mehndi design that is applied by more Muslim women, but before applying this design, you should keep a few things in mind
That who is your mehndi should be good, not chemical, mehndi with chemical, our hands, feet and even face when the arm gets anywhere.
So it hurts very rarely there are people who have chemical mehndi suits but mostly it is seen that mehndi with chemical gives harm so stay away from it and use good mehndi.

18. Pretty henna design
 If you too are thinking of applying this kind of design, then you should use only mehndi and only that green one because you are seeing the design, which one is prepared from the mehndi itself.
In this design, you have been given such design differences as flower leaves, lattice design, small roses and peacock feathers.
You also have to complete your mehndi in this way, if you want to show the most beautiful hand, then you think for yourself that only for you

19.simple design
This kind of design makes you feel as if the ornaments of Shaadi Eid Karva Chauth are embellished with your hands.
Unlike other mehndi designs, this design needs no floral theme, no leafy motifs and no bird motifs.
 Before applying the mehndi, we should know about the design in the chain, or the chain bending lines with chain style or semi-circular border gives it a mess, but it is not so.
The approach of this mehndi design right from the palm to the fingers mehandi accomplishes it in every way. Now I will be able to design this design very well


20. Tattoo design
If you do not have too much hand full mehndi computable then when do you like to apply mehndi
That some people use very little mehndi, some people make only small cakes, some people make flowers but some people like to make mehndi tattoos
As if in this image, it is no longer seen that a butterfly design has been made, which we also call tattoo mehndi design.
Similarly, if you want to make this, then you have to prepare the design of a butterfly, in which you have to give the design of the flower.

21.flowear henna pattern
 To prepare this kind of Gujarati mehndi design you have to use cone mehandi.
  Use of cone such as that which gives a bit of black color, which gives a little dark color as if you are watching.
  To prepare this design, you have to give some flower leaves mesh design and different kind of design in the fingers as well as a lion of one hand.

22. Beautiful design
 If you do not like to apply mehndi too much then you can apply simple mehndi.
 But if you do not have to be so simple, then the design given in this image is only for you.
In this, you only have to give the design of a flower, but also give the design of small leaves around it.
In the same way, you have to make a chain design of leaves. This design you can make beans in both your hands because it will not take much time to make and it will be on your backhand.

23. Simple henna pattern
This is a redcon mehndi design which is prepared with arrow red color mehndi design, which we also call chemical mehndi is very easy to apply.
  But it gives a lot of damage if you do not use it to avoid loss, then it is good that you can use such design simple cone designs than that.

24. New Cone design
Simple circular mehndi designs are such a cheeky look design of henna that highlight pure circular expressions.
  When you are in the mood to become a mehndi girl, there is no reason,
Especially when you are an office going girl and do not want to mess up, it would be nice to have such simple and easy-to-design design.

25. Small Flowers design
Flowers Mehndi Designs When seeing this design, it has been decorated by making only and only dots and different flowers.
  Similarly, this design will remain in the entire hand and you will be able to plant this plant easily and on less time because it is beautiful as well as simple and will take less time.easy-henna-pattern

26. Sweet henna pattern
To prepare this kind of back hand mehndi design you should start making this design
Like you are seeing two very beautiful designs in this design, which is the best design of this mehndi design.
And the main design is the biggest and the top of applying mehndi is made by making them, then now you can easily make small things, just the little shape that they have is changed.

27. Flowers design
To design this kind of flower mehndi, you have to use designer cone mehndi because you are watching this in the image.
This mehndi design is made from cone, it is better than that mehndi which is it gives perfect design.

28. Leaves cone design
This is a very beautiful jewelry design pattern, which will be ready very easily, just before you install it, look at it and start applying it.
  That will make your hands shine and will look very beautiful and will not take much time
If you know how to make more designs, then applying any mehndi will be very simple for you, then this design is only for you and only for you

28. Muslim pattern
This is a Muslim mehndi design that is made with the help of cone. You also want to apply for this design.
 So it is very easy Muslim Mehndi Designs are good and beautiful because they are very easy to make designs.
And they get pleasure in applying them quickly because their designs are very different and difficult which when we apply them, we get to make different kinds of things.

29. Back and front hand design
 You will not take much time to design this kind of Arabian Mehndi and you will be able to prepare it very beautifully.
 In this design you have to use a small flower and leaves and leaves and this design will remain on the back of the hand and there will be a small flower design on the front of the hand.
 Different design and small leaf design will remain in the fingers, similarly, you can make the same design on both hands, in this image you have been given the design of the straight hand and the opposite hand.

30. Cute pattern
Who does not like to apply flower mehndi everyone likes the flower mehndi design
And he likes that the good thing is that if it is easy to make then it is easily the best
 Who did you think that if you are using a chemical cone, then it is no use
 One is that your design gets spoiled and second your hand also gets damaged and it does not last long, so it is best to use green mehndi.
Her designs also become good, we can also apply her own mehndi

31. Jewelry design
 To prepare this kind of jewelry back hand mehndi design you will not take much time to make this design because this design is very easy
And jewelry design speaks for it because it has given you the design of small points.
  He speaks chain design and the different rakhi has also been finely decorated in the sacks that he has made, that's why it is called jewelry design.

32. Beautiful design
Before applying mehndi, you should have a good knowledge of mehndi, first you know it well. Mehndi is completely different.
Because they do not cover the entire hand, just a part of it consists of a floral pattern.
Mehndi art has been taking new shape every day since historical times, as in later times, sketches of animals such as peacocks and elephants were considered part of Indian henna designs.

33. Simple lace design
 If you want to show beautiful and attractive mehndi designs that you want to apply on any wedding day
 So allow your hand ornaments to rest. This henna design will unveil its best look only when the back part of your palm is kept free from pulling any mehndi design.
 Highlight the henna design on only the part of your hand where you are not planning to wear any jewelry

34. Net design
If you also want to apply this design then this mehndi design seems easy, But this is not the case when you sit down to use. To pull very thin strokes, You can apply it comfortably anytime, mehndi cone hole should be very narrow.
Otherwise, the slightest mistake with the incision can mess up your design.
In this design, you have been given a very beautiful design of flowers and small leaves and mesh laces, it is very easy to make this design.

35. Heart henna design
 If you are thinking of applying mehndi designs for your lovers or husband, then this hand mehndi design is only for you and only you
Because in this you have to make the design of the heart which is very beautiful and it will be made very easily.
After applying it, you will definitely win the heart of your husband or your lover because its design is something that touches the heart.

36. Beautiful cone design
 To make such beautiful flower henna patterns, you should use cone. All the mehndi that are applied nowadays are made from cone designs itself.
Cone mehndi is the most popular in our India.
What makes mehndi design is that it is easily available in the readymade market and it takes only 8 hours to apply, now you can prepare it comfortably for the next day by applying it at night.

37. Net with flowers design
Let's see what is in this design to prepare this kind of back hand mehndi design
As you are seeing, it has a design of flower flowers and small leaves, which is different.
By the way, it is also called Rajasthani Mehndi Design if you want to make it.
So it will be made very easily if you want your hand to be the most beautiful, then make this design.

38. Big flowers design
Everyone likes to create such popular mehndi designs
Because nowadays women like to design mehndi in a very model way, whether it is Karva Chauth, Valentine's Day will be Diwali Holi
Be it girls or married women, everyone likes to apply mehndi very much and if the mehndi is very good and famous its design is also good, then would not like to call
 Everyone likes to apply mehndi to an extent, especially to Indian women.

39. Pretty mehndi design
 Now if you are thinking of applying this kind of Muslim mehndi design then you are thinking best
Because you do not want to put such simple and beautiful in your hands, it is as simple as applying this design.
It takes much less time because the design given in it is very different and special because this design has given the most famous Jurali pattern.

40. Full back hand design
Every woman wants to design such simple and designer mehndi because you know
  No one lives today without Mehndi, whether it is Teej or Eid or any festival, we like to apply Mehndi.
  Especially women are crazy without mehndi mehndi, as every work is considered incomplete.

41. Name mehndi design
To design this kind of mehndi, you have to write your name and design it with small flowers.
This type of design, even boys can write the name of their lover on their arm if you are straightforward.
If you have won someone's heart, then you can impress him by writing his name because it is a very beautiful way and the design is also very good.

42. Popular mehndi design
 Popular To install such different flowers cone mehndi design, you have to use the phone
 The mehndi is applied very easily and in a short time because of its simplicity, it happens that you too are excited that it is perfect for mehndi.
For this, you should always use cone designs for your design not deteriorate. You should never cut it from the front while applying mehndi, but do not let it remain after you so that the design that is present is turn and good.

43. Unique cone design
 Nowadays people do not like to apply mehndi with more full hands mehndi especially those who are working women.
 They always need a very quick design, in this, we all always make mistakes, we always use standard cone mehndi.
Because it hurts us a lot if you want to design a very simple mehndi.


44. Latest designs for Girls
This is a very beautiful diamond pattern that is made from green mehndi, you can also make this design with mehndi.
For this, whenever you do not buy any mehndi cone, always give the company's curry, which is called green mehndi.
Green mehndi means that the color of green leaves is also good and it does not give a very good design.
You will not take any time to apply this design and it will make your hands look very beautiful because it is a model popular mehndi design.

45. Easy floral cone Mehandi
 To prepare such simple and pretty mehndi designs, you have to make this design on your hands, this design is very easy.
  In this design you just have to give the design of flowers long lines and leaves, in the same way, decorate the fingers with flowers and small lace designs.flowers-cone-art-design

46. leave and flower cone henna
This is a simple flower design that looks very beautiful.
  If you do not have to apply heavy mehndi then you must try this design, this design is only for you
In this day you have to make a design of small leaves, in the same way, below you have to give the design of gaiety and cut and make a flower.
On either side of the flower you have to decorate the leaves.

47.  Jewelry cone Mehandi design
This is a jewelry heena pattern. Nowadays people like to make a lot of designs in mehndi which they like to design.
She likes to make it, in the same way, it is jewelry design which is most popular in mehndi, which is the most girls.
 She likes to make a bracelet in her hand like this chain design like you see in this design.
In this you are shown that it has been designed with lots of flowers and laces, in the same way, small points are made in the middle.
 And in the fingers, similar small leaves have been decorated with dots and different patterns.

48. back hand mehandi cone design
If you do not like the pattern of filling hands, then you can press such beautiful design on your hand.
Which is very easy to apply In this, you have to use only flower leaves and small cats, this is a backhand mehndi pattern that is made in this way.rectangle-cone-art-design

49. Floral cone designs
It is very common for women to apply mehndi because it has become a circle.
Whether you are a domestic woman or an office goer, everyone likes to apply mehndi, but nowadays no one has much time.
That is why people have started using mehndi in the wrong way like chemical mehndi is being used more, but we should not use it

50. Red rose multi-floral cone mehandi 
 If you want to apply this most beautiful flower henna pattern.
Because it looks very good in the image itself, then there is no question that you should not put it because this design is from the flower
And the flowers are the most liked by the girls, that is why we have brought this design for you
By applying this design, you have made your hands the most beautiful and impress your husband.
This flower has been made very beautiful and small because it will give our hands a lot of flavor.

More About cone mehndi designs
Similarly, we will give you more information about it as cone mehndi has the advantage that you can use it anytime, and it is the most available in the market in Teej festival.

 Because it comes prepared with very pure leaves and without any chemical and its color also comes very good and for at least 10 days the color remains intact like that

 For this we should always use this mehndi because it gives beauty to our hands and never causes any harm.

Similarly, when we use chemical cone mehndi, there is no guarantee from it that there is a very high risk of applying it to our hands at any time because of how toxic its chemicals are.

 That she gives the color on our hands in a few minutes, after applying it, we keep it in our hands for 10 minutes and after that it gives a very good color, but that color also gives a lot of damage on our hands, so such chemical We should always be careful about things

That is why whenever we apply such a mehndi, then it is at the highest risk to our body, it starts to look absolutely useless, so always do not ever use chemical mehndi, if you want green mehndi on your hands. Can apply

Always use green mehndi which comes in cone form, it is special only when it comes to Holi Diwali wedding season.

 Mehendi is made of beautiful green leaves of the bush, also known as Lawsonia enormous. Preparation of henna varies from place to place, as villagers living in villages or small towns prepare it by kneading fresh - fragrant leaves between stones with the help of some oil,

Which requires a lot of hard work. Before applying the henna, you should note that before applying it, you should clean your hands with the help of any soap because if your hands are not clean then the color of the mehndi will not be good. 


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