Beautiful 30+ latest rangoli designs for every celebration

New and Latest rangoli designs for your home decoration

Rangoli is considered as one of the famous home decorations art India. Rangoli designs are of different types like border rangoli, dot rangoli and flower rangoli designs
That is why New Rangoli designs is made in every house, Holi Diwali Rakshabandhan or welcome to someone, wedding party worship, new Rangoli is kept at the forefront in such auspicious works.
People make Rangoli in front of their doors in such places as garden courtyard kitchen temple
So that their house becomes all holy and auspicious, everyone's heart gets happy even after seeing the colors of Rangoli.
 And everyone gets happy, when everyone does such colors in our house too, everyone creates this color in their home and brings happiness. Latest Rangoli designs is considered to be most popular in India especially when rangoli designs are new.
Most people like to make them, as much as they love to see rangoli, they enjoy making as many people.
By the way, New Rangoli designs colors are found in the markets nowadays, but most people prefer to make Rangoli colors at home.
Low Gulal is also used. Rangoli is an art that you can give any form to make Rangoli.
Rangoli is prepared in many types of things, such as any kind of latest Rangoli designs can prepare any flower leaves or any picture that you have to make
In that way you can make Rangoli, the more design you give Rangoli, the less it is
His beauty does not increase as much, it does not diminish, so after making a lot of color and beauty comes in making Rangoli, people mostly apply it on it too.
People also make New Rangoli with flowers and various kinds of things.

1. Foot with flower latest rangoli design

This is a very lovely latest rangoli design that you can make in front of your door.
The names of the colors you will need to make it are like this, in preparing this design you will need green yellow blue red white in color.

2. Double art new rangoli design

This is a flower rangoli design that you can make at your home very easily, it will not take much time to make it.
  To make this design, you have to make a big flower in the ground and decorate it later in colors.

3. leaves small flowers rangoli design
In this image, you can see the rangoli design, in that design colorful flowers, are made and adorned with leaves around.

4. Latest Cut rangoli design

This is a very beautiful latest rangoli pattern that you can make on Diwali.
beautiful Rangoli designs in front of your gate is considered auspicious and it will not take much time to make this Rangoli.

5. Flowers and leaves new rangoli design

This is a very beautiful floral leaves rangoli that you can make anytime, anywhere.
And it will look very good in your house, it will take just a little hard work to make it, it will not take much time.

6. Diwali special latest rangoli design

This type of new rangoli design is not so easy to make
Because it is very sweet and difficult, it will take a lot of effort to make it, you can make it on the auspicious day of Diwali.

7. New Gulaal rangoli design

This latest rangoli design is very popular, people like to make it on Holi, you can also make it, with very little effort, you will need only a few colors to make this design.

8. Flowers rangoli design

This is a very beautiful new rangoli design with designs of flowers and leaves
You will need pink green yellow and red colors to make it, you can make it on Baisakhi time.

9. New Rangoli design with white flowers

If you do not know how to make more designer rangoli, then you can prepare this type of floral rangoli.
In this rangoli design, you will not need too many colors and you will not need to work hard, you can make it very easily.

10. Cute rangoli design

This kind of latest rangoli designs can be extended in your house courtyard anytime in any auspicious work.
It will take more effort to make it because it is not so easy to make, in it you have been prepared with flower leaves and very beautiful design.
11. Flowers rangoli pattern
This is a designer rangoli that is not so easy to make
To make this, you should have made a variety of Rangoli in advance, in this you have been given the design of rose flowers, this is what makes this Rangoli the most beautiful.

12. Coconut design
This very beautiful lotus flower rangoli has been prepared, on which a small pitcher is made.
It is decorated with coconut and leaves, it is not so easy to make this design.
But what are the colors you will need to make it, these rooms will be prepared from these rooms like red blue yellow green coffee etc.

13. Double colors design
This is a new flower rangoli design that touches our mind completely, looking at such a design, it wants to make
But it is not so easy to make these designs, it will take us a lot of time to make it.
So what colors will be needed to make it, you will need purple pink green white yellow in color to make it.

14. Beautifull holi design
Simple Flowers Design You can easily make this latest Rangoli design at home. This is a very time-consuming rangoli design.

15. Ganesh ji latest rangoli designs 

It is very difficult to make such beautiful latest rangoli designs. To make such a design, you should have to make a rangoli in advance.
Because in this design you have to make a picture of Ganesha's crown and design it.

16. Cut rangoli design
Colorful Rangoli is very easy to prepare in this way, you can prepare it with very lovely colors.
This design should be prepared during Diwali. It is not going to take much time.

17. Sweet rangoli design
Do not want to make such different and beautiful looking rangoli designs in your home, you can make this design near your courtyard or door, anytime in any festival, this worship or even more auspicious work.

18. Colours rangoli pattern
It is very easy to prepare a simple new rangoli with this method, you will be able to prepare it in your home very easily in a short time.

19. Name rangoli design
This latest rangoli design is simple as well as very cute because of the design it has
It has been given to you clearly and you will not have any problem in making it.

20. New Pink rangoli design
This is a very beautiful column that most people like to make.
Not everyone can create a different design, that's why most people like to make such columns, it is very easy to make and decorate it.

21. Beautiful rangoli design
To prepare this kind of rangoli, which color you will need, you need these blue, white, red, yellow-green and after making, you must apply it.

22. Popular latest rangoli design
This kind of latest Rangoli is considered very auspicious for our house because you are looking at this Rangoli.
A small picture of Ganesha has been made, so Rangoli is considered auspicious.
If you want this too, then you will also have to take a picture of Ganesh Ji and colour it, it will be ready very easily and in a short time.

23. Flowers leave design
In this way, you can easily make Rangoli in your home.
In this, you only have to use flower leaves and small cats, you only have to prepare it in two colors, jamini and white.

24. Flowers design
In this way, you can make your latest Rangoli designs in your garden because you are seeing the designs of flowers in it.
This design is very easy to make and you may need very few colors to make it.

25. Latest Peacock rangoli design
This is a beautiful peacock design, it takes the hardest work to prepare such a rangoli.
It is going to take at least an hour to make this because it is very sweet
And it will also be very enjoyable to make it. But it will be considered very auspicious for your house.

26. Flowers with leaves design
This type of latest rangoli designs are considered by women as the most auspicious for their home
This design is always made on half of your gate, you will need only a few colors to make it and this was going to be ready soon.

27. Yellow Red floral Rangoli
This kind of new rangoli is used by people whenever there is a guest in our house.
So this kind of rangoli should be made because it is very beautiful and easily made.

28. Stylish diya Rangoli art

This new rangoli design is very cute and you have been given a flower design and very nice decoration
It will take you about 10:12 minutes to prepare this design.

29. New peacock rangoli design
This is a very cute and colorful latest peacock rangoli design that everyone wants to make in their home. It is as beautiful as it looks.
It takes much effort to make it and it also gives our minds a lot of peace and happiness.
Because seeing such colors makes our mind very happy too.

30. Jewelry pattern rangoli art
Nowadays everyone is crazy about the latest Rangoli designs.
And the most pleasure in making rangoli is you can also make such rangoli designs, it is very beautiful and will be easily made from you.


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