30+ Pakistani mehndi designs - Simple and easy images

Latest and beautiful Pakistani Mehndi designs 

As you all know that applying mehndi is popular all around the world, in the same way in Pakistan it has specially named Pakistani Mehndi designs. 
 In the same way that there is a lot of craze of Mehandi in the whole world, in the same way in Pakistan, henna is also used in the same rituals. 
Pakistani Mehendi designs are very unique and beautiful and easy to make. In this post, we are going to cover some stylish Pakistani mehndi designs. 
If you want to see some more mehndi designs like cone mehndi, front hand mehndi, or Indian mehndi then you can go for that too. 

1. Heart with net design
latest pakistani mehndi designs
This is a backhand hot design that is very popular in Pakistan. It may look like a lot of leaves in this design but in fact, Pakistani mehndi designs have a lot of leaves. 
In this pattern you have to make two hearts with That is the most special role of this design, you have to make a heart and give a forged design in it and after that, you have to give a different kind of design in this whole pattern. 
You see in this image, the fingers have to go in the same way and decorate Hai this is easy and one doesn't really need too much accuracy. Though it would look great on casual occasions.

2. Net with lace pattern

Seeing this kind of design makes girls happy because you all know that girls are very fond of applying mehndi, especially pakistan, it is the popular mehndi is also very much liked in Pakistan. 
But the mehndi design of India and Pakistan is also some difficult and beautiful way.
 The design that you are seeing right now in this image is a very beautiful lace design which is very beautifully decorated in the fingers. Nice mesh design that directly touches our heart

3. Pakistani Dot henna patter
What kind of simple and dots mehndi looks very beautiful and it is very easy to write because its design which is very simple and different

4. Backhand design
It is one of the stylish backhand full pakistani mehndi designs which takes a little time to apply but it looks very beautiful.
 After it is applied because its design is very good and it feels easy as if you have to design it very closely. 
And have to give the mesh design and leaf design in the middle which is the most main role in this mehndi.

5. Leaves with dot design
Girls of Mehndi Designs of this way love to apply a lot in Pakistan because this design is very beautiful will make everyone happy.
In this design, you can give a very good design as if the flower is made in the same way. 
Two flowers are made and small chain design is given from the dots, the fingers also use small leaves and thin thin lines.

5. Flowers with dot design
new pakistani mehndi designs
Who would not like to apply mehndi with flowers like this, women are crazy about these designs, in the same way, different cities have different types of designs. 
Similarly, we have brought this design for you too, this design is very touching.
The pattern is what will make the hand call gorgeous.

6. Lace with flowers design
 To apply this kind of hyena pattern, you have to make flowers and you have to make the design of the lace and the design of the little cats and the choli, and the same beautiful design has been given in the fingers, which is very good.

7. Beautiful close Pakistani Mehandi design
If you want to go to a wedding then you are thinking of applying mehndi, then this design is just and only for you because this design is very beautiful and is very touching to the mind.
 Because it is happy to see its design. As if its beauty is seen now as if the design given in it is very good, it has a shape of a betel leaf in the middle.
Which is decorated with the design, in the same way, the whole hand is different from the design. The fingers are also decorated with the same procedure. 
It will take you a little more time to apply this because it always requires hard work to get a good thing.

8. Heart with lace simple Pakistani mehndi design
To apply this kind of heart mehndi design, you have to make this kind of pattern on the back of the hand. 
Below the rosy heart, you have to give the design of the lace and decorations of small points and fingers likewise the small leaves and lace. 
The design will remain, the beans will be processed in both hands and it will only take you half an hour to apply it.

9. Eid Special mehandi design
Special Eid Mehndi Design If you want to apply this on Eid and you cannot find any design then it is best for you. 
If you want to make your hands the most beautiful, then this design is only for you and this design only. 
I have been given your favorite designs such as the moon has been made in it and beautiful Rakhi designs have been given that will touch your mind and many Bindiya stars have been given such designs which is just for you to decorate it.
 It won't take long for you to apply this design comfortably

10. Red color henna design

pakistani mehndi designs simple
You will not have much trouble to make this kind of popular red pattern, because it will be very easy, just do not use chemical henna in it.
If you want to make your mehndi red like this, then what can you use?
You can use Mahavar to red in this design, you have a very beautiful lace design and Bindiya's design.
Leave a little space to fill the fingers. When the design of your fingers is complete, the fingers you have to Fill in the space that was left in it.

11. Cute henna design

This design is very easy to make because in this you have to give the design of a bracelet near the wrist, in the same way, a change in the middle is to give such a design.
The design is forged and dot and lines in the fingers and leaves and it has a curve and dot work. Are included. 
However, due to the unusual design, it still looks quite attractive. It is quite compelling and will look great on the hands of young girls.

12. Dark finger Pakistani mehndi design

 Simple design People like to make this type of design call because it is very easy one looks very popular and the design is very simple which anyone can design. To your liking, such as a flower is given in the middle which is designed in a very fine way and similar different design has been given in the fingers.

13. Pakistani Jewelry mehndi design

This kind of backhand design is liked by most people in Pakistan because it is the most popular design there. 
Women like to apply it in their beautiful hands, and similar designs are also applied at the time of Nikah.
The very beautiful way is given in the image, as the beautiful flower is made around it, the design of the lace is given, in the same way, the design of the jewelry is the same, the design of the leaves is relaxed and the design of the leaves is forged in the fingers. 
Given, you will definitely make it because it is only for your hands only.

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15. Small heart design

The small-hearted mehndi design of this method looks very good and gives a different shape to the hands. 
This looks very good as if in this design you are seeing you have a heart design and in it The design of the flower has also been given, which is very amazing in it.

16. Beautiful backhand design

Beautiful backhand design
To apply this kind of love Hina petrol, you will also have to apply the design given in this image, as in this you have been given a lot of lace decoration in the fingers.
 likewise, the lattice design and leaves design have been given in this way. As beautiful as I am, it will be easy to look.

17. Bridal Pakistani full hand Mehandi design
bridal pakistani mehndi designs
This way the design is put in the hands of the bride in Pakistan. It is believed that such a design looks very beautiful and excellent and it is very popular among the bride. 
In this line, you have to make many different flowers. All the decorating design has to be given, leaving a little space, it may take at least 1 or 2 hours to apply it because it is very difficult.

18. Simple and cute design
People like to apply mehndi, but everyone has their own different choices, some people like to apply with full hands, some people in the front, and some people in the back as if you are seeing this design. 
In this design, you have been given a backhand design, which is very beautiful, in this design you have to make flowers, decorate the fingers in the same way. 
This design is very easy and quite popular.

19. Pretty mehndi design
Some women like mehndi the most and some women do not like it at all like girls have become very busy in today's time.
They have no time to apply, they get such designs for them. Like Tattoo Design. 
This is a very small tattoo design that is applied to a small part of the arm and looks very beautiful if you do not want to apply more. You can make a simple tattoo design in this way.

20. Beautiful Pakistani Mehandi design
beautiful pakistani mehndi designs
This kind of design is quite different because it consists of three circles and if you look closely, you will notice that the size of the mandala will decrease as you go up. 
It is good. You have to make a flower in the middle of your hand and design it very closely.
Decorate it above the small leaves and give the design of the cut in the circle in the same way. 
To give the design of the leaves and on top of which, leave a little space.
Fill it with mehndi so that your color is quite good

21. Cute and Different look design
This method is a bit difficult to design because it is very good, it is a designer and it is quite popular, but it is a bit difficult to find but it looks beautiful. 
Because in this you have been given the design of lace, which is the most main. 
The pattern is, you will have to work a little more hard to apply this mehndi, decorating the fingers in the same way and designing the wrist in the same way.

22. Red beautiful henna design
Many people use chemical henna to apply such a red colour Mehendi design, So I would advise you not to use it at all. 
Yet if you want this kind of design color then you can also use any red color You can make the latest Pakistani mehndi if you have only one or two hours of work, then in this design, you have to give a similar design to the flower net and fingers. 
It is a very good design that looks most beautiful in appearance. 
But in this, what kind of red-colored design is there, it is left soon, if you want to go to a wedding in an emergency, then you can apply it.

23. Backhand henna pattern

There is no need to work hard to make such a forged design, this design will be made very easily and is a very good design. 
Girls can apply this design at any time while going to college or anytime in a party. Such a design can be made in time

24. Arabian henna pattern
 This is an Arabian henna pattern that is most popular in girls and women because nowadays as the model is set. 
People do not like more hand-held mehndi more, in the same way, people consider this kind of henna most popular. 
Because it looks very beautiful and this design is also very good at it, in this you have to design the design of the leaves. 
The design of small leaves and the design of the cut of the lace, you have to make such design, we call it Arabian design.

25. Arabic Pakistani mehandi design
This is one of the new Arabic Pakistani mehndi designs. It is easy to draw and this type of Pakistani mehandi designs are generally used as daily use. 

26. Eid henna pattern
This kind of Arabian design is very popular in itself because it is simple as well as looks great and is easy in this, you have to design the phone leaves, lace bindia.
This design is not too difficult for you. From the wrist of the hand to the finger, one has to give the design, it does not work much more than this, it is fast and well fitted.
Sources- Pakistani mehndi arts

27. Double hands for bridal design
How beautiful and green the pattern of both hands is, it is more difficult because it is designed very closely.
Hard work takes the most because it is considered very popular, every wedding function is like this In this, full hand paistani mehandi is applied in the hand, women like it the most and they also have their favorite. 
It should come as if you are looking at it flower and a little thick design and a difficult design, the design is forged in the fingers.

28. Sweet henna pattern
This kind of flower and Ambi Ali design is also called Arabian design because it is very well decorated and is a very popular design, which is liked by women and girls the most. 
This design leaves flowers small dot Ambis And the Difficult Method is prepared by decorations and it takes a lot of time to design, it is not so easy, so a lot of hard work has to be put into it.

29. Simple and cute design
Nowadays, who does not like the phone, this is why the design of flowers has come in Mehndi in the same way. Most of all this design is applied in Pakistan.
It is very easy to apply design because you have to make only one big flower in your hand. 
You can make any kind of flower and around it, you can give the design of small leaves and any kind of forged design peaks in the fingers, so that you can see the design cut as you see in this image.

30. Full backhands design
You can apply this kind of backhand full design in any auspicious task, on the occasion of special Eid, you can make this design.
Because it is very difficult to apply the design and it will look the best after applying it in your hand.
The reticular design is decorated with leaves and the fingers are used in the same way as the Ambani reticulated design and cats, it may take some time and effort to apply it.

31. Model sweet pattern
This type of model design is applied in Pakistan. 
The mehndi which is made in Pakistan is very easy but the design of it is very good as if you are seeing it in the image, in this you have a fine decoration of the circle. 
In the same way, as the design is shown, very beautiful flowers have been made and while decorating, the finger is also forged in the decoration, which is very good looking.

More about Pakistani mehndi designs
It is also believed that the Pakistani mehndi designs have beautiful and difficult designs that are easy to apply and are very much liked in society, be it any festival or any function.
The women are employed there, the girls are most fond of henna, in Pakistan, weddings are not much decorated among women, but the henna is applied according to the rituals, so the henna is very popular.
Like India, Pakistani mehndi design symbolizes art, culture, tradition, and celebration. However, both these countries have different styles of henna. 
While Hindustani designs are mostly done in intricate patterns, Pakistani designs is usually bold. Black henna is more prevalent than brown. 
Pakistani mehndi designs for fingers are so easy that you can try it on your own with a little practice. However, you need skills to correct complex patterns. 
Such designs have more complex motifs and because of this, You can play with different fashion trends as per your choice. 
Apart from the usual paisley, peacock, dot work, and common designs, you will find many other patterns that are worn by women, be it, girls or women.
The biggest victory is without the Pakistani Mehndi designs, no one wants to make a dash, even if you apply the vaccination of the omen, but it is necessary to apply henna by grinding it yourself. is applied.
Source- Facebook


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