35+ simple and easy small rangoli designs for your home

Simple and beautiful small rangoli designs 

For rangoli lovers, small rangoli designs are one of the most famous types of rangoli designs. Because small rangoli are easy to draw and they take less time and less colours too. 
  So in this post, we are going to give you many beautiful small rangoli designs. 
1. Simple small rangoli design
This is a colorful small rangoli pattern that you can make very easily.
This design has been made in a very simple way and the colors that have been added to it have been prepared from the same day in white and red in color.


2. Flowers small rangoli design
 This is a rose flower design, it is very easy to make and to make it you will need only three colors, that is pink green and white, you can prepare it by taking these three colors.


3. Foot small rangoli design for Diwali
It takes a little effort to make this kind of small rangoli designs because it is not so easy, in this design you have to take a picture of the feet of Lakshmi Mata and decorate it with buds.

4. Cute simple design
To make this kind of flower design, you have to do a little hard work, in this design you have to make the design of the flower and circle, for this you will need white yellow green pink such color.

5. Designer rangoli
 You will need a lot of hard work to create this kind of designer column, it is not so easy to make it.
Its design is a bit difficult, it is not easily made, you cannot make such a design by hand, you can make it with the help of a square, then you can paint on it.

6. Sweet and small rangoli design
Who does not want to make such a simple and good-looking art, to make it, you need only call these three colors red white and yellow, it will take very short time to be made.

8. Double kolam rangoli design
You can make such colorful design anytime on any festival or any auspicious day ahead.
Because this design is so cute and beautiful, the colors you need to make it are as follows: Green pink yellow white and blue in color, you have to prepare this design.

8. Cut with flowers design
After making such a small rangoli, she looks very nice and lovely
You can make such design in the courtyard outside your door, it is very easy to make and after making it, you can also put it on it.

9. Big flowers kolam design
To prepare this kind of rangolis, you will have to work very hard to make a circular circle, later you put a design of the cut on it, then make a flower inside it and then design it, then you can add color to it

10. Beautiful small rangoli design
You will have to work very hard to create a colorful rangoli pattern in this way because it is not so easy to make this design.
You will also need a lot of color to make this design, you can use whatever color you want and you can make it easier.

11. Gulaal design
 This small Rangoli is made from Gulal, which you can also make very easily, so it is not so difficult to make them, but you will be able to make it very quickly at your home.

12. Red Foot rangoli design
Everyone wants to make such a step Rangoli because it is considered very auspicious in your home, so if you want to make it, then it will be ready very easily.

13. Ganesha design
In Rangoli, you have to make a picture of Ganesha's crown and decorate it in a very good way. First of all, make circles for 3 pictures.
After that you have to make a picture of Ganesha by blue color inside it, after that you have to decorate it with round white dots and attach them.

14. Peacock small rangoli design
This kind of Rangoli pattern is considered to be the most in our India because it has a peacock design.
Everyone loves peacock feathers but some people give the design of whole peacock, so you will take a little more time to make this design.

15. Great and simple design
 It is not so difficult to create such a simple and lovely design, but the decoration inside it is
There is some difficulty in it, if you also have to make this design, then it will be made well, you will just need some color.


16. Pretty Heart design
You can make this kind of heart rangoli on your marriage anniversary birthday valentine day these days, these are love days
Similar pattern is prepared in it, you will not have any trouble in making it to impress your husband.

17. Love rangoli design
 This way is not so easy to prepare Rangoli because it is very beautiful but it is more difficult to make it.
  To make this, you will need red white in and orange in three colors, then now you can easily make this design.

18. Beautiful small rangoli designs for home
Nobody wants to create such a small and cute design. Everyone cannot create big designs, so everyone starts from the small.
You can also start pattern by making this design, it is very easy to make it.

19. Big round small rangoli for daily use
You can make these footsteps design outside your temple, it is very auspicious for your home.
To make this, you will need green yellow white red in color.

20. Small rangoli design with double colours
You do not have to work at all to make this type of flower design, it will be ready in 10:15 minutes very easily.
You will need two colors to make it. That is white and pink. Now you can make this fruit with these two colors.
If you want, use any color that is your choice.

21. Simple small rangoli designs with dots
Purple and white color small rangoli is very good to prepare in this way, everyone likes purple color the most.
In this, all you have to do is to use flower leaves and cats, make this design and complete it and color it completely.

22. Cute small rangoli design
It does not take much time and effort to prepare a simple kolam pattern of this method, you will only need brown and white color to prepare it.

23. Small Diya rangoli design
Who does not want to make a beautiful small rangoli in this way, it is as easy as making it look good.
All you have to do is prepare this color and color it inside, after that, you should decorate by putting them.

24. Purple kolam pattern
To make such a peacock feather-like design, you will need a lot of hard work, although in this design you have been given only the design of the leaves.
But the design that is in it is the design of peacock feathers, that's why it is designed and colored in this way, you will have to work hard to make it.

25. Multi flowers pattern
Children or older people like to make designs with flowers like this, everyone is ready to make such a small rangoli, it is very easy to make it.

26. Colorful floral rangoli design
It is very difficult to create such colorful flower small rangoli patterns because such design takes a little more time.
If you cannot make the battery, then you can make flowers first and then leaves.


27. Different styled design
This kind of colorful rangoli is very easy to make and it is auspicious to make it, you will just need colors because you have to make all this design from Gulal.

28. Round with leave design
It was easy to create such a simple rangoli, and ladies make such designs quickly.
To make it, you will need a color like pink light pink green.

29. Yellow blue square small rangoli designs 
People like to make such beautiful designs in their courtyard.
Because it looks very colorful and nice, to make it you will need all that color and it will take a lot of time to be made.

30. Beautiful green pattern
Whenever you ever start making Rangoli, you will need lots of different colors to make it because it is a very colorful and good design.

31.simple small rangoli design
You will not have to work at all to prepare such a simple column.
If you do not know how to make different types of Rangolis, then you can start with such simple and small rangoli designs.

32. White Simple circular small rangoli designs
This type of small rangoli designs you can make when you have nothing drawing things like colours.
Because this can be made only by white flour.

33. Colourful small rangoli design
If you like colourful small rangolis then you can try this designs at your home.

Nowadays, every other person recognizes and knows the art of Rangoli very well.
But still, not everyone can prepare good and designer art, so everybody mostly likes to make small and kolam.
Small Rangolis are made on every auspicious day, so it is not necessary that you create a very big and beautiful pattern.
 You should prepare a design in the same way that can be made from you.
To make omen, you must make a small rangoli, that looks good to see.
Colouring it from the top is very easy to design and children are also most happy to see a small rangoli and then try to make it. These are of are many types.
Like you can embellish many designs such as Durga Mata Lakshmi Mata Inn's Charan Ganesha's Charan Peacock Feathers etc. in your patterns. 
Rangoli is made from things like Gulal different colors flowers etc. You also want to make an art then
you should know all this is considered the most auspicious to make beautiful art in our courtyard.
People love Diwali Holi Rakshabandhan which is considered necessary to make Rangoli  design in auspicious works like welcome worship
Just this, you should know when and at what time your design is made, you can make this art anytime you want.
There is no special day for making a Rangoli, but still, there are silent festivals, people makes their decorations, etc. to make them more beautiful.
If you want to make more designs like dot kolam ,and  border rangolis then you can follow this blog.
Inspired by- Rangolis at pinterest  Happy shappy


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