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Beautiful 100+ Simple kolam designs | mehndirangolidesigns

Easy and simple kolam designs with dots  Kolam designs are nothing new but these are rangoli designs. In India, kolam art is very famous because of its decorative properties. In this post, we are going to cover many types of kolam designs as given below. simple kolam designs rangoli kolam designs Kolam designs with dots Pongal kolam designs small kolam designs  kolam designs with colors  If you want to read more about kolam then go below to this post.  Simple kolam designs  Here we have lots of beautiful simple kolam designs. You can choose as many as you want because they all are different from each other. These are easy and beautifully created kolam designs.  1. Colourful sky fly kolam   If you also want to make this kind of kolam, then understand it well in this way that you understand how to make it as if in this kolam you get a beautiful evening when the sun sets, then this kind of one.  The design is the same, the beautiful view of th